Church Lessons from Royal Caribbean

Mary and I just returned from our 7-Day Caribbean cruise on the ALLURE OF THE SEAS.  It was incredible.  We had such a fantastic time celebrating 15 years of marriage.  We visited some incredible islands – Bahamas, St. Kitts and St. Thomas.  What a blast.  15 years of love.  We had an amazing time together.Allure of the Seas

No matter where I am or what I am doing I always find myself looking for leadership lessons or principles I can apply to church life.  So this trip/experience was no different.

7 Lessons from the Cruise Line Industry:

  1. Experience Matters.
    • The church has to create an experience for people that impacts them the rest of their life.  The service experience matters.  The experience on the ship is life-inspiring.  We must give people that same experience.
  2. Execution Matters.
    • The church has to create successful systems – from the time they drive onto the property to the time they leave.  Plus creating great follow up and a discipleship strategy.  Every detail on a cruise is scheduling, planned and thought through.  Do we do that for our churches?
  3. Excellence Matters.
    • Things have to be done with precision and high quality – or at least must appear to be better than the competition.  The best music, food, singers and entertainment were on board.  The church must bring the best!!!!
  4. Entertainment Matters.
    • People want to be entertained.  The church has to learn to balance the packaging and the product.  Entertainment cannot be the focus – but it must be part of the package.
  5. Energy Matters.
    • There must be a sense of passion for what we do, where we are and WHO God is.  People on a cruise get crazy for things that don’t matter – we should be fine with getting crazy for someone who does matter.
  6. Engagement Matters.
    • The church must be about participation.  It is not to just watch.  It is something to be involved in.  It has to be interactive.  The staff at Royal Caribbean does a fantastic job getting people involved in the shows, performances, karaoke, contests and more.  The church must do even better.
  7. Excess Matters.
    • People want to indulge in bigger and better.  People don’t mind paying for things that make them escape reality and enjoy the moment.  The church must GIVE more than it takes.  People want to feel like they are indulging in excess.
  8. Environment Matters.
    • The church must create a WOW factor in every age area and arena. The Allure of the Seas has a guest capacity of over 6,000 people.  I spoke with someone who said, “I came to just see the big ship.”  The church has to create that feeling too.

The Church has to GO BIGGER.  We have to THRILL people with the presence of God.  We have to show people the AWESOMEness of our Savior.  We have to ROCK people with the power of the Holy Spirit.  We need to dream bigger dreams!!!!!

If Royal Caribbean can give people the above on their cruise – the church should DO EVEN BETTER.  We have the greatest message!!!

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