How Does God Move You From Here To There?

This week at our staff meeting I shared the 9 ways I discovered that God moves His people from where they are to where they should be.  I thought to myself, “Maybe more people need to hear these.”  So here they are.

All of the ways are based on God’s Word.  Half of them seem positive – but the other half may not seem as positive.  But I believe that God uses everything – good or bad – to bring us to the place He has destined us to be.  We simply need to be open to that source.  God always wants you be where He wants you to be.  Get ready to move!

From Here to There

So, how does God move you from here to there?

  1. Sometimes God uses problems.
    I think of Jonah.  He did not want to go to Ninevah to carry God’s message.  He avoided it.  Ran from it.  Until one day God used a big fish to swallow him and drop him off exactly where he did not want to be.  God used a problem – a big fish – to bring Jonah to where God wanted him.  Don’t look at your problems as opposition – look at them as opportunities.  You may never understand them or be able to explain them, but allow God to use them – even when extremely difficult.
  2. Sometimes God uses people to move us.
    God sends all kinds of people in our path.  They all have an effect on us.  Whether we admit it or not, all of us are driven by relationship.  Sometimes our spouse will give us a loving nudge toward a project we have been avoiding or our boss will tell us “this must be completed” – no matter what place we are in life people will move us.  Some will move us because of the negative – others because of the positive.
  3. Sometimes God will use pain.
    Think about Jesus.  His pain became our gain.  Without the pain of the cross we would never have the hope of eternal life in Heaven.  God used pain to lead us to his promise.  How many pains do we go through that we complain about?  Instead of celebrating that we got through it.  You see, when you complain you remain.  Pain teaches a child to not touch a hot stove.  Pain teaches us the value of life when we lose someone we care about.  Sometimes God uses pain.
  4. Sometimes God uses pastors to speak to us.
    God used Paul to speak to the churches he started and ultimately all the churches that would come after him.  Paul gave direction and correction.  God has placed pastors in our lives to hold us accountable, to push us in the right direction and to ultimately become all that God has called us to be.  Don’t ignore your pastors advice or input – listen to it – weigh it against scripture – if it passes that test give it a shot.
  5. Sometimes God will use persecution or attacks.
    I have been attacked by people.  Now I am not facing what the early church faced in the New Testament, but I can tell you I have had some hurtful things said, posted and written about me.  I was one time on social media called “a devil in a charlatan suit.”  One problem – I don’t really wear suits!  Other bigger problem – I am not a devil!  But every attack has renewed my purpose to stay on course – to ignore the critics (most of them are doing nothing) – and to allow God to use it to refine me.
  6. Sometimes God uses a promotion or new position.
    Esther is a great example of this in the Bible.  Her position saved an entire generation of her people.  When Mary and I first started Church Unleashed a friend of mine said to me, “God is going to open up opportunities for you never had before.”  I did not know what he meant, but I believed it.  Since starting our church in 2008 I cannot believe the places I have been and the people I have met.  God promoted me.
  7. Sometimes God will use the prophetic.
    This is often a scary one for many people.  I have experienced ‘words’ being spoken over me.  Some have been wrong.  Some have been right.  But I will never neglect a word – I will analyze it.  I remember when I was relocating to Long Island NY from Upstate NY – I was speaking at a friends church when someone gave me a word – “God is sending you to Long Island to meet your wife.”  I literally thought this lady was off her rocker.  Weeks after I moved to Long Island I met my wife.  11 months later we got married.  God used the prophetic.
  8. Sometimes God uses powerful moments.
    Have you ever experience an incredible moment with God in a church service or driving in your car or even just reading your Bible?  It was so astonishing that you literally sensed the power of God.  Moses experienced that when a burning bush spoke to him with the voice of God.  It marked him.  It gave him a mission.  That one powerful moment set the trajectory for the rest of His life.  God still wants to create moments like this for us.  Moments that change our direction.
  9. Sometimes God will use the perplexing to prove it is Him.
    I have to be honest, there are times when God has told me to do something that did not make sense.  Just look at any of the Old Testament prophets – they all did things that were confusing.  I remember one season when our church was facing some financial challenges.  I checked how we were doing on missions giving – we were behind.  So we paid all of our missions.  That did not make any sense.  Pay your bills first.  I have learned when you take care of God’s Kingdom He will take care of your world.  Our church received two incredibly generous checks days after that decision.  Accident?  I don’t think so.

I am sure there are other ways that God directs us, but as I have studied the Bible these seem to be the top nine.  Here’s something I do know – God may not cause all of the above, but He will definitely use every single one.  I am so grateful that God has multiple avenues to get our attention.

Believing and declaring that “God will get you from where you to where He wants you to be, In Jesus’ name.”

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