More Than Average Church.

Do you want to be average?  I know that I don’t.  I want to live above average.  I want more than an average marriage, an average life, an average destiny – I want to live for a purpose bigger than myself.  No one likes average.  We usually just “settle” for it.  Don’t settle.

Do you want an average church?  I know that I don’t.  I want to see Church Unleashed create a culture shift on Long Island – but also an impact across the globe.

Church Unleashed Hicksville Campus

What does the average church look like in size?

* 1 out of 7 churches are fewer than 25.
* 1 out of 8 churches has 26-50 attendees.
* 1 out of 3 churches has 51-100 attendees.
* 1 out of 13 churches has 101-125.
* 1 out of 4 churches have 126-350 attendees.
* 1 out of 18 churches average 351-800 attendees.
* 1 out of 406 churches average more than 800.
(“Small Congregation Big Potential” by Lyle Shaller)
The average size church in America is approximately 75 people.
Let’s defy the odds and never be the average size church!  God has HUGE things in store for Church Unleashed.  Mary and I cannot wait to see our church “unleash their full redemptive potential.”  We know that we are just getting started.
How do you create an above average church?
  1. Do what others are not doing.
  2. Minister to those others are not reaching.
  3. Serve the needs of your community.
  4. Stay visible.
  5. Reach the next generation.
  6. Focus on people, not on programs.
  7. Don’t replicate or duplicate.  Be original.
  8. Never operate by pressure, but purpose.
  9. Create budget margin – leaving room for opportunities.

God wants His church to prevail.  Let’s BUILD A CHURCH that will change the culture of Long Island and beyond.

Dream with us.  Believe with us.  Serve with us.


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