Rising Higher

basketball-high-jump-in-5-minutes1Over the years I have been able to see my own personal growth in certain areas and several have asked me how I have been able to do what I do, know who I know and attempt what I attempt.   The greatest reason is that I have never stopped learning or growing.  I push harder than many and work more than most. So I wanted to share 4 ways to rise higher as a leader.  They are pretty simple.

1. Develop Personal Growth Systems.

I have tried to maintain 6 personal growth systems.  They are are not about what I do as much as how they make me who I am.  Here are the systems I am always tweaking:  Family, Prayer, Reading, Structure/Schedule, Rest/Sabbath and Friendships.  I am working on making sure these systems are healthy.

2. Avoid Dangerous Detours

Over the years I have watched many of my friends make unwise choices that have led to moral failures.  So I am constantly guarding my eyes and heart from sin, wrong influences, poor decisions, repeated temptations and even someone else’s vision.  When we get off track we can miss out on our potential.

3. Set The Standards.

Leaders truly don’t get stuck following.  They emerge.  They rise higher.  They set the pace for every other person.  They are not settlers.  They are pioneers.  If you want to raise your leadership be a trend setter, raise others, be the model everyone else wants to be, blaze new trails and step into the unchartered territory.

4. Never Look Back.

You are never going to do everything perfectly, but you have to move on from past mistakes if you are going to raise your leadership.  Always press forward.  Don’t repeat the past – use it to learn and grow.  I have made the commitment to live life with no regrets.  I never want to say, “We should have,” or “We could have.”  I want to say “We did” or at least “We tried.”

The only way that you can become what God has wired you to be is to develop systems that build your potential.  You don’t just go to the next level – you grow to the next level!

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