A Changing Leader

I have discovered after 21 years of full-time ministry that in order for any ministry, organization or business to excel the leader has to constantly evolve.  Change is required for a leader to lead well and long.  If a leader wants to lead a successful group they must be open to change a lot of things.

I am learning that if I want to see our Church move into the next level that I have to make changes in how I lead, what I do, where I invest my time and who I can connect with.  These are difficult decisions to make, but as Church Unleashed is growing I simply cannot do everything.  I have to drill down on the specifics that God has called, equipped and anointed me for.  The same is true for you.


A leader must be willing to change.  Here’s some quick thoughts:

  1. Increase who says, “Yes” or “No.”  The great strength of an organization is in its depth of leadership.  A leader must empower people with the tools and authority to get the job done.  The more people who can make decisions – the less decisions I will have to make.
  2. Resist the urge to always being in charge.  A secure leader does not need to be in charge of every meeting, team and decision.  Yes, I know, the leader is always the leader – but healthy leaders are comfortable turning over things to trusted staff.
  3. Take greater risks on people.  If you are leading a growing organization it is probably because you took some calculated risks.  It is a greater risk to do not empower people than to empower them.  Raise people and release them.
  4. Stop doing everything.  A successful leader must have a laser focus.  They cannot lead with a shotgun and expect a precise outcome.  Find out what God has designed you for and go for it.
  5. Trust the people around you.  If you hired them it is probably because something in you said, “I can trust them with this job.”  Cut them lose and let them do it.  And do not get in their way.  Don’t cut their knees out by bypassing them.  Let them lead.
  6. Forget knowing every detail.  The more our church has grown the less specifics I know.  I just can’t know everything.  I focus on the bigger things. I delegate the other items to our incredible staff.  I am learning to look at the BIG picture more than the smaller details.
  7. Don’t give everyone your cell phone.  The larger an organization grows the less access that everyone can have.  This has been tough for me.  I naturally want to make everyone happy – but if everyone has direct access to me I will have no time to focus on what God has designed me for.  Give people your office number.
  8. Do less meetings.  Meetings drive people insane.  Most people want to get their job done.  They are task-driven, purpose driven – so they want to stay focused.  If you have meetings make them short and direct.  Stay off of tangents!

Every leader that is leading an organization has to make changes.  What brought your ministry, business or corporation to where it is today may not be what is necessary to take it to the next level.  Even your character has to grow.  Personal integrity is tested even more as your leadership does.  Always check yourself.  Make sure you are who you really are.

If you want to lead something that excels make sure that you are someone who is excelling.

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