Presence Matters!

Do you remember when absences counted against you? There were times middle school when schools would celebrate students with the best attendance records. Attendance was rewarded.

Today, we live in a different climate. Attendance does not matter as much. We have absent parents, disconnected children, inconsistent church attendance, fragmented families & missing relationships. Our world is more connected through social media than actual communication. In fact, more people today would rather text than call! Virtual presence cannot compensate for actually showing up.

Imagine if God send to Jesus – “Hey, let’s just send humanity a text of a cross emoji.” Sounds insane, right? A virtual savior would never have provided what we needed. Jesus exemplified that presence matters. He physically showed up to make an impact. Without the presence of Jesus we would never have the hope of Heaven. He showed up. His presence matters!

The Bible teaches, “For God so loved the world that He sent his Son …” (John 3:16). Because God loved us he became present in our lives and world. Presence demonstrates values! God became present on earth because He valued us. You may remember the old quote – “You value what you do and do what you value.” God revealed our value with His presence on earth.

What do you value? It is seen in where you are present! We want to encourage you to stay present with your family & friends – invest your time in your relationships. Choose to be present in your occupation – your employer will appreciate it & God will honor it. Live present at your church – be faithful in giving, attending & serving.

Show your value by living present in every area. Don’t be absent in your calling. Stay true to God’s plan and purpose. His presence matters. Your presence matters too!

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