Leadership Lessons from @PerryNoble

This week we were invited to a Leadership Roundtable at one of our great Long Island Church – Centerpoint Church. The guest presenter was Perry Noble – former pastor of Newspring Church – he led the church to about 30,000 people. I was not sure what to expect. Perry was asked to resign from his church for a couple of issues. He is working through all of them. Perry shared his story with raw honesty and transparency. It’s not an easy one to hear – but a story of grace in process. Just like all of us. Honored to call Perry a new friend!

Here are my top learnings from the day:

  • Everyone wants to grow but not everyone wants to do the work.
  • God wants to work in us before He can work through us.
  • Too many leaders want to be discovered instead of being developed.
  • Do whatever Jesus tells you (John 2).
  • The source is greater than the system.
  • Too many leaders have selected imitation instead of revelation.
  • The vessel for your miracle is already in the house.
  • Don’t look for the product without first going through the process.
  • The steps of faith should always get bigger.
  • “Those who deify will crucify.”
  • Simplicity is the key to execution.
  • If Sundays don’t work your ministry will not exist.
  • We don’t get political because we don’t want to be labeled.
  • If you are not operating at your best the church will not operate at its best.
  • Talk, in church, about what culture is talking about, out of church.
  • People in pain do stupid things.
  • Isolation is deadly. Solitude is life-giving.
  • Without women we would not have known the tomb was empty.
  • 10% growth is GREAT growth each year.
  • There is always a reason behind non-growth.

I love the practical. I am so glad that Mary and I brought 7 of our staff to join us. It was an incredible day of learning and relationship. Such practical insights. But the biggest learning was that leaders must extend grace because one day we may need it!

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