Vision beyond today.

One of the greatest challenges of any organization, person, non-profit or leader is the capacity to develop a vision beyond today. Most people get stuck in “What do I have to finish today” or “If I can just get through the next 24 hours.” My wife and I know why God placed us on this planet – in our church – on Long Island. There isn’t a doubt in our mind that God has called us to plant 10 Church Unleashed campuses, grow to 5,000 people and have a 15 million dollar budget. He dropped that in our spirit several years ago. That kind of vision forces us to live beyond today.

You see, there is no way we can get stuck in yesterday or even today, when you are living for a vision that is way bigger than your ability! You always have to keep moving forward.

Your vision for greatness is stalled
by settling for average.

Go after a dream that has no chance without God’s help. Set higher goals and dreams. “But Todd that other thing I tried failed. I can’t dream for more.” I say this respectfully: Forget about yesterday – your past failures cannot keep you from God’s promises. Dream again. Rise from the ashes of your failures, dust off the past and get ready for the future God has pre-meditated for you (Jer. 29:11).

So how do you develop a vision beyond today?

1. Know the why behind your what.

Don’t get stuck in facts alone. Know why you do what you do. Don’t get stuck in going through routine or strict schedules. We all need those, but they will never motivate you. Remember why you started that business or church. Never forget the reason you chose that new opportunity or job. Your why is more important than you what! That’s where purpose is found.

2. Don’t compare.

Success is a tricky thing. We can learn principles from others, but we cannot produce the same that others do. You are unique and that means your vision is unique. God has hardwired you to be you. I learned this principle years ago: When you compare you despair. It is impossible to celebrate what God is doing in you, when you are comparing yourself to what God is doing in someone else.

3. Stay focused.

God has given you a vision. That’s great, but so many people get sidetracked. They start with a laser focus, but weeks, months and years later they shoot like a shotgun – they are spread all over. Stay focused on what God has called you to. You see, I have learned one of the most important secrets to success. It’s one word – LONGEVITY. If you want to succeed, last longer than anyone else.

4. Surround yourself with dreamers.

We have enough people who remind us of reality, but I want dreamers around me. People who see everyone reason why we can accomplish our vision. I don’t want yes-people around me – but I do want yes-we-can-people. You do not need realists always talking down your hopes. Put some dreamers in your inner circle. I believe that every person needs someone to say, “I am not sure that dream is big enough.”

Your dreams are only held back
by your failure to go after them!

God after the dreams that God has placed in you. Never let a setback or failure keep you from achieving your God-given purpose. Run hard after it. Focus on your calling! Wake up everyday and pray for a BIGGER dream. Raise your expectations. Get a vision beyond today!

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