Lessons from @CMNetwork Rountable w/ @MarkBatterson

I love putting myself in growth environments. They happen a lot and they happen often. Whether going to a conference, hanging with leaders, investing in staff or simply my personal growth. Leaders must be learners! But anytime I get an opportunity to visit Mark Batterson and National Community Church I am going to take advantage. Honored to be able to do that this week. Love rubbing shoulders with incredible leaders.

So here’s my top learnings:

  • Ministry is too tough not to have fun.
  • Take careful note of the people who have blessed your life.
  • Holy Spirit + Caffeine = Awesome
  • The mouth reproduces what it hears. Guard what you are listening to.
  • When God does a miracle the best way to steward the miracle is by believing for bigger miracles.
  • Nothing is sacred. Everything is always on the table.
  • Tough Conversations. Grace + Truth
  • Tough Decision Process. 1. Stay humble 2. Include People 3. See Big Picture 4. Prayer
  • If you live off compliments you will probably die by criticism. <— my favorite from the day
  • The challenge of ministry. Tough Skin and Tender Heart.
  • Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day reading.
  • Change of Place + Change of Pace = Change of Perspective
  • Culture eats vision for lunch.
  • Biggest leadership challenge –> INSECURITY
  • The Kingdom is not a democracy.
  • Let your vision determine your budget.

It was pretty cool to listen to Brad Lomenick too. He is a great student of culture and leadership. But it was equally amazing to meet Chris Railey – what a gifted leader & communicator. Love his vision and passion.

Anytime I have a chance to learn I am taking advantage. I hope you feel the same! That’s the place you get anointing dripped on you!

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