Learnings from 2017 X Conference. #XConf2017

My heart is so blown away by what took place on Thursday at our X Conference. I could not believe how God showed up in our facility. It was so incredible to see 170 pastors/leaders from 70+ churches/ministries get together to grow. So many leadership lessons, truth bombs and practical tools were given to us. Wow.

All this was made possible because of our church – Church Unleashed – that made this happen.  Every staff member and volunteer worked their tails off to serve our guests. It was done with excellence, passion and purpose. Mary and I are so grateful to lead this incredible group of people – who believe, like us, that it’s not just about our church. That’s why we do it!

I am also thankful for the many pastors who spoke. Incredible friends who believe in the importance of investing in other leaders – Dino Rizzo, Chris Durso, Tim Chambers, Kyle Horner, Marcus Gill, David Crosby, Steve Milazzo, Anthony Milas, Jamaal Bernard, Frank Santora, Mike Jankowski, Joseph Nieves & Anthony Pellela. Can’t wait for X Conference 2019 …… or maybe 2018.

Here are my top learnings:

  • Proximity to God is everything.
  • Ledges and edges can be very lethal.
  • Make sure you tend to your garden.
  • Know your pitfalls, peaks, plateaus & pity parties.
  • When most of your prayer is for presentation than personal you will end up with a deficit.
  • When you are tired you walk past too many things.
  • Don’t let a bad Sunday ruin your family’s Sunday.
  • When we don’t build up the Kingdom we tear it down.
  • Speak good about everyone.
  • Honor – God, I agree with your choice.
  • If we don’t seek holiness – we reap filthiness.
  • If we don’t pursue the future we will perish in the past.
  • You can’t just speak vision – you must bleed vision.
  • Tenure does not equal impact.
  • Implementing someone else’s plan can become your poison.
  • Church culture is not accidental.
  • Learn from other people.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Miracles start with what we have – not what we don’t.
  • You and I often see ONE, but God sees a HUNDRED.
  • Faith changes everything. God is attracted to faith.
  • God can only multiply what you manage well.
  • Anything that refuses to be broken refuses to be blessed.

I wish I was able to sit in every session, but that was impossible. It was an incredible day for me and our church. Simply blown away.

Here’s a few pics of the day:


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