What does @TomFord and @DinoRizzo have in common?

A few months ago I was hosting a leadership event called The X Conference at our church. We do it, basically, every other year. This year we invited 13 speakers for a one day church leadership experience. One of our speakers, Dino Rizzo, hands me a small gift bag and says, “Just something small for you.” I said, “Thank you,” gave it to someone and they ran it into my office.

Did not think of that gray gift bag until after the conference. Went back to my office to open it up. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to gifts. I was excited. Then I saw it was cologne. My excitement quickly disappeared. Now, understand I am not a cologne-wearing guy. Never really have been. That’s why this gift was so unique.  I remember saying to one of the staff, “I never got a bottle of cologne from anyone who came to speak for us. Interesting.”

When I got home I decided to look up this bottle of TOM FORD cologne.  Guess what I discovered? That little bottle was worth $_____ – wow! October 19, 2017 was the day I started spraying cologne all over my body. Kind of. Maybe. I spray that cologne on before I go to church, leave the house or head to a meeting.

What was the difference? Something changed when I discovered the value of the gift.  Once I knew how much Dino had invested in that gift my perception of it changed. You see, when we realize the value of God’s love for us it changes how we view it. God’s love was so profound that it cost his firstborn son, Jesus. That’s a priceless gift that I will always treasure. Why? Because I know the value.

Leaders have an incredible responsibility to show people their value. Once they see how valuable they are people begin to rise to their value. If someone is constantly put down, verbally/physically abused someone is putting a value on them. So many people have been devalued too long. The true job of the leader is to help people discover how valuable they truly are.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our price tag.

We have several core values at our church, but one that is us is “that if people matter to God they ought to matter to us.” Let’s set a HIGHER VALUE on people. Let’s increase people’s worth by respecting everyone, encouraging all and honoring the whosoevers.

That bottle of Tom Ford cologne that Dino Rizzo gave me on that day will always remind me to NOT TO PREDETERMINE VALUE based on what I think I know or don’t know, but to DISCOVER THE VALUE THE CREATOR put on it. Tom Ford set the value of that cologne.  God sets our value. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the price tag of God’s love. A small gray bag taught me that lesson.

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