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The Bible declares, “… they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11).  It’s easy to focus only on the victory that comes through the person of Jesus, but that will only give us half the victory.  We also have a word to declare.  Notice we will overcome by the blood and by the word.  And is a conjunction.  It joins two things into one thought.

The Word (Jesus) + Our Word (Testimony) = I Will Overcome

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When I sat down to write The Human Right I had no idea where I was going to go, how deep I would look into my past, or even how raw I would get.  I set out to create an easy read that EVERY guy can get thru.  Most people don’t even read a book and the average man reads much less than the average woman.  I share simple principles to help you overcome every obstacle – but I also share stories that I have never shared publicly.

As I sat at my computer I cried, laughed and even felt anger stir again.  I did not want to share some of the stories, but I knew that my transparency could help someone else find their way to victory.  After all, victory comes from THE Word and MY Word.  They must work together.

In The Human Right you will discover 10 of the rights that God has given to us.  There are more, but I drilled down on ten of them.  Many of the ones I write about I did not have a healthy view of growing up, some were kept from me, and others were never taught.  My hope is that as someone reads this book they will be able to say, “If Todd can get through what life has brought him to then so can I.”

You will overcome.  That is the big takeaway from this book.  No matter what hell throws at you I believe that THE Word plus YOUR Word gives you VICTORY.  Embrace the cross. Share your story.  Tell someone how far you have come.  When those two things collide you will experience your breakthrough.

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