Lessons from @EdYoung #NYCLS2018

Over the years I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest pastors/leaders in the nation.  Sometimes I get the opportunity to host them.  Recently we hosted Pastor Ed Young at our church for the Creative Leadership Seminar. It was incredible.  66 churches and/or organizations gathered to grow to a ‘whole nutha level.’

Here’s my learnings:

  1. Context. Context. Context.
  2. Social media is only a highlight reel.
  3. If you ask the right people the right questions you will get the right answers.
  4. God gave you eyes plagiarize.
  5. Questions to ask (1) What should I create?, (2) What should I cancel?, & (3) What does this confirm?
  6. The pastor is the dude with the food.
  7. Suggestion: 1 hour of study for every minute on the stage.
  8. Always pastor your church like it is double or triple its size.
  9. Treat volunteers like staff.
  10. Think through what you say.
  11. Change your constitution. It should be staff led with accountability.
  12. Every person wants to reach people until your church starts to reach people.
  13. Get to know people who don’t know Jesus.
  14. You cannot talk about your vision enough.
  15. To get to it you will have to go through it.
  16. If you are not serving then you are swerving.
  17. Churches should be grown from the outside in – not inside out.
  18. Preach simple – not shallow.
  19. The enemy uses the whiners in the church.
  20. Critique your message while you are coming up with it.
  21. GUARD length, style and insider language.
  22. If you have someone on your team that needs a coaches clap get them off your team.
  23. Best creative ideas come from (1) Laughter and (2) Conflict.
  24. Two questions to ask: (1) What if? and (2) What is?
  25. Cramativity – make it happen. Whatever it takes.

There is so much more I could share.  An amazing day with an amazing leader who I now call my friend. Surround yourself with A+ people and you will rise higher.

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