Lessons from Craig Johnson @cjnsami

It was such an honor to host Craig Johnson this weekend.  He is an incredible gift to Mary and I, but he has become such a gift to our church. His passion is infectious.  Craig serves as the Executive Pastor at Lakewood Church – with Joel & Victoria Osteen – but he is also the founder and Executive Director of Champions Club – a ministry to families blessed with special needs children.  His leadership principles and dynamics rival any communicator.

Here are just a few takeaways from this weekend:

  • When you have done all you can do that’s when God moves best.
  • Don’t get stuck. Do something different.
  • You can only get God ideas from sitting at the feet of Jesus.
  • Stop renting. Start owning.
  • Renters – less commitment. Owners – building equity.
  • Owners are all in.
  • This is MY church. Own your church.
  • You don’t have to labor for God’s favor.
  • What you cannot see God can!
  • Always take ownership for what God gives you.
  • Owning builds equity for the future. It’s an inheritance.
  • When you are all in God always give you a return.
  • Something powerful happens when you give something you want to keep.
  • Huge risks release big rewards.
  • If you can tell someone how you did it maybe it was not God.
  • Good idea – I wish I thought of that.
  • God idea – I would never have thought of that.
  • A book/seminar/conference will not get you to where you want to be – only God can.

It was a powerful Volunteer Conference with several leaders from our church. Amazing. So blown away and grateful for the doors God has opened up for Mary and me.

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