Lessons from @c3global Roundtable with @EdYoung & @lisayoungfc

Last week I had the privilege of visiting Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. What a massive facility and vision! But all that rises from the massive faith of Pastors Ed & Lisa Young. They are so inspiring! Just getting a tour of their incredible facility, meeting many team members, and hearing their vision it is no secret why they have excelled – God is truly anointed them! Wow.

Ed & Lisa hosted a leadership roundtable that Mary and I attended. It was incredible. Here’s my learnings:

  • There is a difference between criticism & critique. Critique is about how to improve. Criticism are simply pot shots.
  • Create a climate of critique from the right people. Not everyone should have a voice in your life or ministry.
  • As a staff member, if you see something, say and do something.
  • Critique is the catalyst of change.
  • Change > Conflict > Growth
  • People will always leave because of change.
  • Don’t feel guilty with last minute changes.’
  • Practice 360 degree critique – before, during, and after events, services, etc.
  • 2 Massive Creative Cramps – (1)Fear of Man and (2) Fear of Work.
  • In order to be a leader you have to live in some sort of denial.
  • People get funny when you talk about money.
  • Reactions to critique:
    • Blow Up (anger)
    • Throw Up (emotional)
    • Shut Up (pout)
    • Step Up (improve)
  • Drama will always find its way to the stage. If there is drama behind the scenes it will be visible.
  • Healthy critique emerges from the right people and right questions.
  • Delegation without investigation is an abomination.
  • What should I:
    • Cancel
    • Create
    • Confirm
  • Critique will bring growth.
  • People will leave your church. People will show up for a season and leave for no good reason.
  • Don’t be too sensitive.
  • Whether or not your kids will love/hate the church depends on you.
  • 5% of negative people seem like 75% of the world.
  • Play the long game. Do not think short-term.
  • Your church will take their side over your side every time.
  • Train staff to work without all the information. If your people don’t trust you then you don’t want them around anyway.
  • Staff: They don’t need to know everything but they must trust everything.
  • A little bit of chaos is good. Sometimes you have to create chaos by asking “what if we did this” or “what if you cancelled that.”

Wow. A whole ton of information downloaded in 2 1/2 hours. Learned a ton. Grew a lot more.


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