Lessons from @EdYoung #NYCLS2018

Over the years I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest pastors/leaders in the nation.  Sometimes I get the opportunity to host them.  Recently we hosted Pastor Ed Young at our church for the Creative Leadership Seminar. It was incredible.  66 churches and/or organizations gathered to grow to a ‘whole nutha level.’ Here’s my learnings: […]

The WHY Behind The WHAT

Leaders find people questioning what they do all the time. Leaders are setting a course that not everyone will understand, grab the full picture or agree with. But every leader has a WHY behind their WHAT. They have reasons bigger than one person or a group of people. Leaders see a BIGGER picture of what […]

Learnings from 2017 X Conference. #XConf2017

My heart is so blown away by what took place on Thursday at our X Conference. I could not believe how God showed up in our facility. It was so incredible to see 170 pastors/leaders from 70+ churches/ministries get together to grow. So many leadership lessons, truth bombs and practical tools were given to us. […]