Lessons from @CMNetwork Rountable w/ @MarkBatterson

I love putting myself in growth environments. They happen a lot and they happen often. Whether going to a conference, hanging with leaders, investing in staff or simply my personal growth. Leaders must be learners! But anytime I get an opportunity to visit Mark Batterson and National Community Church I am going to take advantage. […]

Encouragement for Church Planters.

In the early days (which was 9 years ago) I remember feeling alone at times.  Like no one knew what I was going through.  Almost as if I even wondered if God was in what I was doing.  Now don’t get me wrong I know God called Mary and I to launch Church Unleashed– but there were […]

We are so excited about all the increase that God has brought to our church as a result of our friendship with Ps Joel & Victoria Osteen.  It has been nothing short of awesome.  Seeing so many people walk into the doors of our church is the most rewarding thing we have seen at Point […]