Lessons from Craig Johnson @cjnsami

It was such an honor to host Craig Johnson this weekend.  He is an incredible gift to Mary and I, but he has become such a gift to our church. His passion is infectious.  Craig serves as the Executive Pastor at Lakewood Church – with Joel & Victoria Osteen – but he is also the […]

Lessons from @EdYoung #NYCLS2018

Over the years I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest pastors/leaders in the nation.  Sometimes I get the opportunity to host them.  Recently we hosted Pastor Ed Young at our church for the Creative Leadership Seminar. It was incredible.  66 churches and/or organizations gathered to grow to a ‘whole nutha level.’ Here’s my learnings: […]

Unstoppable Vision.

I believe that God has given The Church a vision that cannot be delayed or denied.  Not just our church, but the church, at large.  It is a vision that often seems impossible, but I have to remind myself often that “nothing is impossible with God.” It all starts with God.  Scripture declares, “I know […]