Backwards To Go Forwards

Have you ever felt like you had to move BACK in order to find your way FORWARD.  There have been many times in my life that this has taken place.  Most times you cannot see the potential when you are standing too close – you have to step back! There will be times when it […]

Hurricane Reponse Team Needed TODAY!

Pastors/Friends! As most of you know Long Beach and Island Park were crushed by Sandy and they need as much help as possible! Well Convoy of Hope is going to be there tomorrow to bring relief. So if you’re not busy today and you want to help out any victims of Sandy please help in […]

Hicksville Street Fair

Next to preaching I love getting “in” the city and meeting people.  And yes, we met a lot of people on Sunday at The Hicksville Street Fair.  I would guess we were able to connect with 700+ people via invite cards, hello’s, candy & giveaways.  It was simply amazing!  There was probably 3 times as […]