Awkward Moments Matter.

There are not too many things that get me “off my game” or feeling “awkward.” But there is definitely one – Pastor Appreciation Day. Every year our staff puts together an incredible service where they pause to show some honor – not to the position, but the people. This is so awkward for me; for […]

Culture of Honor.

Honor. It seems like a lost art in today’s culture, but we believe that honor is an important ingredient to any individuals or organization. Do you know when we tend to honor people?  When they are in a coffin or casket.  Friend, that’s too late to show honor.  We should show honor to the people that are […]


Legacy. It’s more important than what you know. It is who you are and what you pass on.  My grandparents handed down a legacy. They both came to faith in Christ later on in life.  My grandfather, Leonard Janik, born in 1914 – served in the military and retired from the railroad – and my […]