The WHY Behind The WHAT

Leaders find people questioning what they do all the time. Leaders are setting a course that not everyone will understand, grab the full picture or agree with. But every leader has a WHY behind their WHAT. They have reasons bigger than one person or a group of people. Leaders see a BIGGER picture of what […]

Vision beyond today.

One of the greatest challenges of any organization, person, non-profit or leader is the capacity to develop a vision beyond today. Most people get stuck in “What do I have to finish today” or “If I can just get through the next 24 hours.” My wife and I know why God placed us on this […]

Live Opportunistic.

Opportunity. A set of circumstances that makes things possible! The Bible declares, “Nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37). He is the set of circumstances that makes things possible. We can’t achieve our highest potential without His involvement. He opens new doors and closes old ones. God is the one who prepares you for your […]