Presence Matters!

Do you remember when absences counted against you? There were times middle school when schools would celebrate students with the best attendance records. Attendance was rewarded. Today, we live in a different climate. Attendance does not matter as much. We have absent parents, disconnected children, inconsistent church attendance, fragmented families & missing relationships. Our world is […]

Principles of Relational Leadership

Leadership is all about relationship.  I truly believe it will be hard to lead people that you do not have some kind of relationship with.  Relationships are a crucial part of leadership development.  Let me share some principles of relational leadership: RELATIONSHIPS ARE MESSY – Relational Leadership is messy too. Relational leaders will create team […]

How To Lead on Empty

Our house has oil heat.  Not the greatest or most efficient but that is how we heat our home.  Recently, I was in the basement and I looked at our oil tank and it was right on the edge of E.  I had to call my friend to get a delivery asap.  Why?  Because with […]