Making Wise Decisions

Over the last 15 days I have been praying for the same thing: wisdom.  I am not sure if you have ever been in a spot where you needed more wisdom than you had.  I find that leadership will always put you in those places.  Wisdom does not come naturally with the job.  It is […]

Wake Up Everyday and Be Thankful.

Get up in the morning and be grateful.  Stop and thank God for every blessing that He has given to you.  You may not have the biggest house but you can still have a blessed house.  You may not possess the grandest bank account but you have the greatest God favoring you. The allegory tells […]

Raise Your Praise.

Here’s something that I have learned: “Your praise will intensify God’s power but it will also intimidate the enemy’s plans.”  Celebrate Jesus. When you are going through difficulty, facing a challenge or feeling down that is the time to RAISE YOUR PRAISE.  When you praise walls fall down … miracles take place … healing happens … […]