Lessons from @EdYoung #NYCLS2018

Over the years I have been privileged to meet some of the greatest pastors/leaders in the nation.  Sometimes I get the opportunity to host them.  Recently we hosted Pastor Ed Young at our church for the Creative Leadership Seminar. It was incredible.  66 churches and/or organizations gathered to grow to a ‘whole nutha level.’ Here’s my learnings: […]

Between The Lines Leadership #leaders

After over 20 years of ministry/leadership I have learned that just because someone says or does something that does not necessarily mean they are actually saying or doing what they literally think. It’s crazy, but it is so true. People make statements all the time – but there are always statements within a statement. Learning […]

10 Commandments for Team Growth

On Wednesday at our Staff Advance I shared 10 Commandments for Team Growth.  If we follow thru on them WE will accomplish anything … but if we fall thru on them we will accomplish much less. 10 Commandments for Team Growth Demand excellence of yourself first … before you ask it of others. Dream long-term. […]