Here We GROW Again!

Point Church – mark this date!  We are adding another service in Hicksville and adjusting the other service times as well.  These are GREAT problems to have!  God is growing His Church. I have heard so many people say, “Pastor, I can now come to church on Sunday at 9:30am because I have to work […]

Backwards To Go Forwards

Have you ever felt like you had to move BACK in order to find your way FORWARD.  There have been many times in my life that this has taken place.  Most times you cannot see the potential when you are standing too close – you have to step back! There will be times when it […]

New Deer Park Campus Location & Launch

We are amped about what God is preparing for us in our Deer Park Campus at Point Church.  We are heading back to our roots in a movie theater!  It is going to be exciting … VIDEO ANOUNCEMENT: Updates for our Deer Park Campus