Leadership Lessons from Disney Cruise Lines

A few weeks ago our family had the privilege, or should I say massive expense, of going on a Disney Cruise. Yep. It’s true, we pulled the trigger, saved up, and did it. Truly a very cool experience. But, as a leader, everything I do or go through I see through the lens of “What […]

When Someone Quits.

Over the years I have watched many people walk into opportunity and just as many walk out of it. Every person faces seasons of transition, but how can you recognize when someone is calling it quits? I know that people, especially leaders, feel like they can hide their feelings or emotions, however, there are signs […]

Making Wise Decisions

Over the last 15 days I have been praying for the same thing: wisdom.  I am not sure if you have ever been in a spot where you needed more wisdom than you had.  I find that leadership will always put you in those places.  Wisdom does not come naturally with the job.  It is […]