Our main goal is to assist church leaders in amplifying their voice in their church and communities by providing quality coaching and consulting.


Whether you are about to start a new church or have just launched into a new season of ministry we are here to assist you reach your potential.

Here are the strategic services we provide:

  • Assessment
  • Vision Discovery Training
  • Plan of Action Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Fundraising Tools
  • Teaching preparation ideas
  • Goal Implementation
  • Time Management
  • And More


Every great team is led by a great coach.  It’s that simple.  Every leader that has reached their full potential had someone speaking life, hope, direction and correction in their life.  A successful church is not just about the numbers – it is about our obedience to God’s Will and becoming the best we can be for His glory.

It is our prayer that every church planter and leader would AMPLIFY their potential and experience the God-ordained opportunities in front of them.

“Failure rates for senior executives have been pegged at up to 33 percent. More recent research shows that executives who are rated high on Interpersonal Effectiveness (Emotional Intelligence) outperform low rated executives by 15 – 20% on yearly revenue targets. In this fast paced highly competitive business environment the value of capitalizing on that kind of edge is obvious. Executive coaching is “the” method to provide enduring results for executives who want to play at the top of their game.

Coaching provides the right training needs (individually tailored) at the right time for extremely busy executives …” (Dr. Carl Robinson).

Coaching AMPLIFIES your potential!